Day of Archaeology 2015

The 24th of July was the celebration of the Day of Archaeology 2015. This event has been created in 2011 by a group of students and researchers interested in using the Internet to promote Public Archaeology. The first edition had 400 contributions and the numbers grow every years!

55871707This year I decided to take part in it and write a blog post on their blog, as well as recording a video of a typical day at the lab!

In the video I am cleaning a rib with a scalpel to get rid of the dirt on the surface (0:56), collecting some samples from the cold room that underwent demineralisation over night (1:19), rinsing the samples with water (1:48), making up a solution to favour the gelatinisation of the samples (1:59) and putting the samples in the oven where the gelatinisation is undertaken (2:16). In the last scene (2:25) I collect another batch of samples where gelatinisation was complete.

At this point the samples are half way through the protocol and a few more days will be necessary to get them ready for the analysis in the IRMS!

To see the video click here.



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